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If you always wonder how to elevate your outfit, this post is for you. Those 5 accessories are a must in a woman wardrobe to have a versatile yet practical closet. Here are the 5 accessories you need to style effortlessly your everyday outfits:

1- A brooch

A brooch is definitely my top accessories to own. It can be worn on a shirt, a coat or even a bag. There are many ways to wear and this gives the idea of a different look every time even if you are wearing the same clothes.

2- A good handbag

Definitely a must for a lady: the handbag. A good handbag adds a lot to any basic outfit. It is an accessory that makes the whole difference so don’t hesitate to get one in lighter or brighter colors to spice up your look.

3- A nice scarf

Especially in colder months, a nice scarf is the accessory to own either to be warm and stylish. It definitely elevates any outfit and allows to give some colors to a darker outfit. I like to opt for reversible scarves that are bicolour to get as much versatility as possible. A scarf can be styled in many ways to upgrade your outfit such as …

4- A pair of high boots

The high boots are a great accessory for colder months which elevates our outfits that tend to be all about layers. A good pair of boots in a neutral color is a must that will serve you from day-to-night to add feminity to your style.

5- A pair of statement sunglasses

A pair of big sunglasses gives a finish to any outfit while allowing you to hide behind. It is another accessory that is worth investing in different colors and styles to wear to diverse occasions.

Hope these tips will help you through your fashion journey.


Kelly Wind
Kelly Wind
Max Mara
Max Mara

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